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How to Play Pachinko . Let's look at how you can get playing Pachinko online in one of our featured online casinos. This brief guide is a general introduction but all casinos offering pachinko games have roughly the same format and it's easy to get started with all of them.

As with the traditional Pachinko games found in pachino parlors in Japan, and other countries, but mainly Japan, players play with balls and can win balls. These balls are then swapped for prizes which in traditional parlors can be swapped for money and online the prize is money. Online pachinko can of course be played for fun money as well as real.

There is a ball catcher located at the bottom of the pachinko game screen and the point of the game is to fire the balls from the top, through the obstables in the balls way and ultimately into the catcher. Miss the catcher and you win nothing with that ball and the ball is lost.

The player has control of a power dial that can be adjusted up and down to regulate the speed and force of the firing balls. Obviously, the player adjusts this to the force that makes the ball take the easiest course into the catcher.

Get one ball into the catcher and you normally win 4 balls.

There is also a spinning reel game, like a slot machine in the centre of the game screen. The spinning reels have possible winning lines, normally vertically down the centre or the three reels or diagonally. The top and bottom reels stop spinning first and if they produce two identical numbers on a win line then the middle number is played out with a mini game.

When play is finished the balls are converted into money. Again, it's fairly obvious that the more balls you win the bigger the machines payout so that's what you're aiming for.

Dolphin Paradise is the leading online pachinko game so why not read our review of Dolphin Paradise to see how to play this pachinko game.

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