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Origins of Pachinko
Where did Pachinko originate?

The date of the origins of pachinko are disputed but it is thought to have been invented in the Japanese city of Nagoya sometime after World War II.

Since then there has been an explosion in the popularity of Pachinko in Japan and it is now played extensively across the country in specialist Pachinko Parlors.

Most of the modern pachinko machines are called Pachislo machines and are a more modern type of machine that pachinko was originally played on and incorporate a slot machine element into the game. With pachislo machines the winnings are not from the balls falling themselves but from the slot reel spins that are triggered.

Although Pachinko has many followers around the world and many avid collectors of both antique and modern machines, the real growth in pachinko is set to come from online gaming as more and more people find and enjoy pachinko.

At the moment, there are few sites offering pachinko games but this will expand greatly and we'll see many new and exciting games appearing online, mainy running on online casinos.

Online casinos are the perfect development for online pachinko games due to them already having closely related slots games. Pachinko takes this theme further but essentially the basics of both types of games are the same.

The whole point of this site is to bring you the latest developments in online pachinko as they unfold. We'll be reviewing the latest games to come online, give you links to the best pachinko related sites and we'll review the sites offering pachinko and pachislo games to play.

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