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Dolphin Paradise Packinko - Click to Play Online 
Dolphin Paradise Pachinko - Review

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko is probably the most popular of the few (at the moment) pay to play tpe pachinko games online at the moment. It runs in various online casinos that run on the Playtech Software platform, one of the most revered software platforms, offering a multitude of games that can be played for fun or real money.

Dolphin Paradise is going to be a classic in future years. Quite simply, it's what a pachinko game should look and feel like. It combines the right amount of flashy graphics, startling sound effects and playability that all together provide the online pachinko player with the most realistic and authentic pachinko experience available online.

Dolphin Paradise Pachnko

In line with traditional Pachinko games, players win balls (which translates to money) for every ball that falls in the catcher located near the bottom of the pachinko machine. Miss the catcher and the ball is lost and you don't win anything with that ball. Balls are launched one after the other and there is a power dials that the player can adjust to control the force that the balls enter the game screen.

When the Pachinko game is running, balls are continuously launched, until you press stop, at the top and fall down through the game screen obstacles towards the bottom. If it falls into the catcher you win four balls.

When a ball falls into the catcher, it also starts spinning the reels in the centre of the game screen. In the centre of the game screen there is, what is essentially a slot machine. The spinning reels have three possible winning lines, vertically down the centre or both ways diagonally. The top and bottom reels stop spinning first and if they produce two identical numbers on a win line then the middle number is played out with a mini game.

Dolphin Paradise has five mini games in total. They are Dolphin Race, Reel Spin, Pass Circle, The Dive, Push Ball and Attack Numbers. The final numbers in these mini games are determined by dolphins jumping, pushing balls through hoops and other sequences.

If the win line numbers all match then for each of the next 15 balls caught by the ball catcher, you'll win 100 balls.

There are a number of casino sites that are available that allow online play of this excellent pachinko game but we recommend playing in one of the recommended casino sites that we've reviewed in our pachinko site reviews section of the site.

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko will appeal to pachinko players whether you're new to this game type or not and mark our words, it'll be Dolphin Paradise that spawns more online pachinko games and really kick starts the future online pachinko revolution.

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